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Personal Injury

Christian also handles the property damage portion of your claim at no additional cost to ensure that you are back to your normal lifestyle and routine in as little time as possible. 

Christian ensures each of his clients receives the treatment needed from qualified medical professionals, to address their injuries and begin the process of restoring the quality of life enjoyed before their injury diminished it. He fights for his clients and helps them to find their way through the ins and outs of the complicated, multi-layered, and adversarial insurance process.

Christian applies strategic legal expertise to each case to ensure that his clients receive the medical treatment they need, and that the medical treatment maximizes the claim value with the insurance companies. By their nature, insurance companies do not want to pay, Christian ensures that they do. 

Medical Malpractice

Automobile Accidents

Rideshare Accidents

18-Wheeler Wrecks

Slips and Falls

Maritime Claims, Offshore, & Jones Act

Simple Traffic Tickets


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