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Christian Banck grew up right here, in St. Tammany Parish. He learned the value of diligence and perseverance as he worked his way through college at Southeastern Louisiana University and then Loyola College of Law — where he earned his Juris Doctorate in 2015. Every Saturday morning as an undergraduate and then as a law student, Christian worked for his family at the Farmer’s Market in Covington. Today, Christian has a wife and family of his own, and has built a thriving practice because of the same diligence and perseverance he relied upon to successfully complete his academic journey.

Christian’s approach to each case is client–centered, detail-oriented, and tenacious. He is readily accessible to clients’ needs and makes time to form lasting professional relationships. His hands-on, personal investment in restoring each client’s quality of life following an accident caused by negligence of others, is what sets his practice apart. He walks with his clients through every step of their legal situation until they are made whole. 

He is licensed to practice law in both State and Federal court in the State of Louisiana.

With the help of his wife, Do, Christian is able and ready to serve clients and their personal injury needs. A familiar face, with deeply rooted ties to St. Tammany and the entire Gulf South region, Christian will fight until you are again made whole.

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